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Well, well, well! Our new recruit, Jonny certainly has won everyone over in his first month!


"Jonny's fitted in beautifully to the team and has been working super hard to get the Streaming Room up and running. He's getting shit done, is super keen to be involved and has embraced his role at Bethesda very well. Props Jonny :)"







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In terms of life milestones there's no bigger than a wedding!

Congratulations Kelsey from all of us. Very best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful life together.





I want to call out a very special achievement which most of you will not be aware of.

On August 18th Paul New hit a massive milestone for the company.

In true Paul style, with no fanfare, Paul chalked up 10 years with the company. Congratulations Paul – you are forever written into the halls of ZEL, ZMI, ZeniMax Australia and Bethesda history.




Some other key dates for your diary


  • Sep 19 - 26           Dan Lazarides working from the Manly office

  • Oct 1                   ZeniMax Australia’s 5th Birthday

  • Nov 14                 Fallout 76 launch date

  • Dec 9 - 18            SA at Mid-Winter Meetings

  • Dec 13 & 14          (DC time) Bethesda Town Hall live stream

  • Dec 20                 Team ZeniMax Australia Xmas / Summer Party and end of year wrap

  • Dec 31 - Jan 2      Falls Festival Byron Bay



You may have heard that in line with the rest of ZEL, officially, we will be closing the office for the Christmas Holidays. The office will be closed from December 25th to January 2nd. Counting the 2 public holidays, you will be using just 2 of your leave days in this period as the company, in recognition of your effort and commitment, will also provide an additional days holiday in that week.

This is a busy time for sales, finance and this year the communications teams as we close the year end and so we will be making provisions to ensure we can all enjoy this well-earned break in the summer sun. The official close times for ZEL are below, we will reach out to each of you to establish how best to work holidays through the rest of the year and the summer.

24/12 : open

25/12 : bank holiday

26/12 : bank holiday

27/12 : deducted from Employees’ entitlement

28/12 : deducted from Employees’ entitlement

29 & 30/12 : WE

31/12 : day offered by the company

01/01 : bank holiday

02/01 : open


Simon's Update - I’m Back!!


What a journey the last 2 months has been. As you have heard we covered so much ground and made so many adjustments and changes to the current systems there’s simply too much to cover in a newsletter or even a company briefing. You will continue to hear of these improvements to our communications (internal and external) and our go to market plans over the weeks ahead.

So long away also provided lots of time for me to think on the ongoing development of our team and what 2019 and beyond will look like for us. As the path forwards shows itself – always focused on our content and product pipeline – then so we will continue to adapt and change as a team. Many of these next steps are simply a continued evolution of the systems and culture we have already put in place, while some are very new. We will start to work through these in the weeks ahead and into 2019. 

I want to thank all of you for knuckling down and doing what you do so well while I was away. Many in London and Rockville thought I was mad to spend so long away from the office, but I knew that the business was always in safe hands, and I was proven right. Now, as we approach the biggest quarter in our teams history we regroup and deliver on all of the superb plans and targets we have set ourselves.

Strap yourselves in – it’s going to be one massive trip.


For those about to rock …

Just weeks form the launch of Fallout 76 we should pause for a moment of reflection before the Q4 wave breaks and we catch a white knuckle ride through the rest of the year. .

I write this on another plane – this time flying to Townsville for the EB Managers conference.

Last week David, David and the team delivered the “best ever” showing at a JB Managers Conference,

Kelsey Michael and Vault Boy ensured that the PAX activation and MEO was hijacked by Vault Boy and Kate and Michael then ensured our high value VI partner Rob Whittaker got the love and respect we reserve only for those who are true to our team.

This is just the beginning of so many activations, meetings, media buys, creative assaults, negotiations, logistical miracles, alignments, oracle busting projects, people moving itinerary’s, partnerships, late night calls, data management, number crunching, face to face fan chats, media first executions, new introductions, games demos, parties, streams, tweets, posts and take downs, fun, tears and tantrums that we will live through over the next 12 weeks.

You will live it, love it and when it’s all done you will reflect on a period of your careers to be proud of and that will never be repeated. We give praise for their support, in advance, to the gods of coffee, tea, wine, beer, gin and probably tequila (although that god can sometimes hinder more than help). 

We also thank your hopefully not too often neglected partners, friends and families as we abandon whatever normal life is and commit fully to this year of years.

I couldn’t be prouder of the squad we have assembled. Of the dedication to our values and our targets you display every day and most importantly, to the pride and passion you will display when representing the talented men and women that have made  the amazing games we have the honour to take to market on their behalf.


Bring it on -We’re ready