Effective Project Management Tips

Managing a one-off project is not the same as managing a company department that does the same thing day in and day out. It requires a special set of skills and a more direct approach. Whether you are an experienced project manager looking to brush up on your technique or just about to start your first job in such a capacity, I sincerely hope that the following tips prove to be useful to you.

1.    Delegate – the art of delegation is important in all management positions but especially so in project management, owing to the fact that you will often be working to very tight deadlines. If you cannot delegate responsibility for certain tasks to your juniors, you are bound to run into difficulties at some point during the projects that you manage. In order to be able to delegate effectively, you will of course need to have some trusted deputies at your side. Whether this is the case or not will depend to a great extent on your ability to follow the advice contained in the next tip.

2.    Recruit the right people – the only way that you will be able to ensure the successful and timely completion of the projects that you manage is by having an efficient and capable team in place right at the very start of each one. The people that you hire not only need to have the necessary skills to do their particular job, they need to be completely trustworthy too. If you focus on this point during interviews, it will be easier to put together a team that works together well and that you can trust to manage things whenever you are absent.

3.    Be approachable – this is often more of a problem for new managers than it is for old hands. If you are currently applying for project management jobs and you want to impress your interviewers with your suitability for the positions in question, concentrate on being open to suggestions and ready to listen to new ideas during the interviews. New managers often try to establish their authority in a rather heavy handed manner and can come across as close-minded individuals who are not prepared to listen to others. If you want make sure that you are always kept abreast of the latest developments concerning the projects you are managing, you need every member of your team to feel comfortable approaching you whenever they encounter a problem.

4.    Keep it real – don’t fall into the trap of promising senior managers the world and then failing to deliver. You will make a much better impression if you are honest and direct with your superiors about what is and what is not possible concerning each of the projects that you manage.

 It may be difficult at first to adapt to the different demands that project management places on you but as you gain in experience you should be able to alter your approach to deal with these demands more effectively.

Five Tips for Successful Business Networking

When it comes to promoting your company, nothing beats getting out there and meeting potential clients and partners. The whole idea of business networking can be rather intimidating for some people though, especially since it involves talking face-to-face with complete strangers and trying to promote your corporate offerings in the right manner. Here are five tips that will help you through this difficult process.

Form Real Goals

Before you attending any networking event, take a moment to think about why you are there. There are various aims for meeting new people from promoting your range of products to seeking out additional business partners. Make sure that you know precisely what you are looking for so you can approach people in the proper manner. Having clear goals will help you ask the right questions and develop relationships which are meaningful and beneficial.

Always Be Genuine

The seasoned business veteran will know how to spot honesty and sincerity in those who approach them. Thus, you should be genuine during networking events, always making an effort to:


·      Be straightforward

·      Avoid exaggeration

·      Speak concisely


No one likes those who inflate their abilities especially in the business world where time is money. Be aware of this and you should give the right impression to those you speak with at your next networking event.

Know Your Strengths

Of course, you are always welcome to draw attention to areas in which you excel. In fact, this is one of the most effective networking strategies: to show why you are unique and what you offer to clients and partners that your competitors do not. Take note of the areas in which you are strong and think about how you can present these to new clients while networking at any future corporate gathering.

Swap Business Cards

It’s also essential to bring along some well-designed business cards so that those you speak with will have your contact details afterwards. Make sure these are printed professionally at a specialist agency such as BrunelOne.com. You should also see that the design reflects well on your company, presenting you as a professional, serious and honest businessman who can deliver on their promises. The right business card design can work wonders for that first impression.

Follow Up Afterwards

Once you have spoken to potential clients and partners at the networking events, always get in touch with them afterwards. Continue the conversation by phoning them up or sending them an email and letting them know it was a pleasure talking with them. If possible, organise a follow-up meeting where you can talk about business and further develop your commercial relationship. Networking extends far beyond the typical corporate events you may attend.

With this advice, you should be able to expand your business contacts and help your corporation grow and develop in a rapid manner. Just remember that networking is essential to your business and, if done in the right way, can provide excellent results that bring in more corporate opportunities, sales and profits in the future.

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