we INSTIL SIMPLE & CLEAR practiceS into businessES for productivity and growth

All our methods are based on psychology & neurolinguistics to elicit the most productive human behaviour.

quantify every aspect of your business

Make decisions at every level based on simple quantitative data, easily implemented from the top down.


increase team productivity & efficiency

Quickly arrive at consensus, act and keep momentum flowing with simple communications & accountability processes.


Strategy consulting

We act as your 2IC for solution focussed problem solving, growth and diversifying strategy solutions. 

We have engaged many kinds of professional trainers and support tools to assist with productivity and engagement until we began working with BDC. Rarely do you come across a company that looks at developing businesses through the eyes of its people & how it relies on the way those people behave, work together, enjoy and ultimately communicate in order to succeed. Lucy Megginson has been a revelation to our company in this regard.
Her skill at helping our business get the very best out of people, by treating each person as a person and not just a business function has transformed the team dynamic, our workplace and as a result the performance of our business overall.
We will continue to ask Lucy to provide her unique blend of mentoring, professional & personal development and moderating skills to help take our business and our people to new levels.
— Simon Alty, Bethesda

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