Business Design Coach offers a range of services to help quickly optimise those areas of your business which may seem like too much for you to take on at any one time. 


Keeping on top of the finances in any business is paramount. Not only accurate reporting & tax purposes, but even more importantly in order for you, the business owner, to make quick & accurate decisions on growing your business. Inaccurate book keeping is very risky business indeed, and if you aren't certain its being done accurately, or if it is not 100% up to date, you are taking more risks than are necessary.  


Our Finance Services

  • Clean up any inaccurate & back dated book keeping.
  • Transfer / set up accounts onto  Xero - a cloud based easy, efficient book keeping package. 
  • Ensure that you have quick 'checks' and relevant reports to refer to so that you always know where your finances & cash-flow are at.
  • Provide affordable, reliable book keeping services for ongoing accurate accounting.
  • Signposting to accountants who are trustworthy to get the best for you in your annual accounts & directing your business growth. 


Being a successful entrepreneur and business owner requires a lot of energy. Management can take up a lot of time & can be frustrating for someone who wants to focus on growing their business. Getting the internal management systems within the business are key for stable growth & can save the business an inordinate amount of time & money in the future. We can quickly implement management strategies with long term effects.


Our Management Expertise

  • Business Management System implementation, training and support.
  • CRM / workflow system upgrading, designing, implementation, training & support.
  • Change management and business re-structuring.
  • Productivity reports and staff accountability reporting for every part of your business.

HR & Recruitment

Finding the right staff is hard enough; but investing time to train them thoroughly whilst continuing the day to day running of a business can put a strain on any business owner or manager. Longterm it is imperative to the continuing success and growth of a business; not only in terms of productivity, but also to ensure low turnover and a happy workforce.


Our Staffing Solutions

  • We have a successful history of screening, interviewing & training new long & short term staff members for different roles over a huge variety of industries.
  • Staff induction, general policy & procedure implementation.
  • Specific policy & procedure production & implementation. 
  • Supervising, troubleshooting and ongoing staffing solutions as per business requirements.

Executive Support

Owning or running a business can sometimes feel like a very lonely place; the pressure of the business owner to pay staff & overheads every month, as well as being in control of every area of the business, manage staff, and maintain the vision for moving forward is a big responsibility. Business owners we've worked with have found it so beneficial to have a level of support which provides them with not only a sounding board, but the ability to make well thought out, objective decisions for effective growth.


Our Executive Support

  • CFO reporting and decision making assistance.
  • Goal setting & strategic planning
  • Business planning & development
  • Business analysis and reporting.
  • Confidential support and guidance / sounding board.

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