implementING statistics

Humans work most efficiently when their goals are clear, specific & measurable. We react to knowing exactly what is expected for us to achieve with a relevant measure. Lack of clarity or accountability allows for procrastination & fear based human nature to kick in, that is where teams and businesses become less productive and more political. 

Politics v's Achievement = lower productivity + lower income + more expenditure


The how & Why

  • From the receptionist to the CEO, we should all work towards something measurable EVERY single day which clearly contributes towards the bigger picture. Its the most effective way of increasing effectiveness.
  • Clarity of the bigger picture and the part in which each role has to play increases team work, culture and personal investment as an employee.
  • Implementing statistics which measure the productivity and effectiveness of each role & department allows execs to make decisions and foresee required changes before they get out of control.
  • Take the 'bullshit' out of office politics by creating factual based accountability.

clarity in communication

How effective really are team or business meetings? The loss of productivity through content v's outcome focussed agenda's is unthinkable. By implementing outcome based meetings based on weekly, monthly, annual clarity of goals, issues and accountability; businesses can work towards long term goals with everyone genuinely invested and focussed.

If everyone understands the concept and goal of a meeting it can be conducted quickly and effectively.


how it works

  • Simple & quick meeting guidelines and agenda's set between teams and departments according to business goals and outcomes.
  • Layout of meeting includes accountability of prior action points and members.

strategy consulting

Most CEO's get me to sign very strict NDA's to work as their pseudo 2IC for strategy based consulting. Everyone should have an independent source to offer a neutral, confidential, professional perspective.


who i've worked with

  • MD's & CEO's in highly successful Gaming, Media, Tourism, Recruitment, Events, Design & Construction companies to name a few, have employed me to work closely with them on change management, implementing policy, re-structuring, legal dispute support, one on one coaching and consulting.
  • It can be a lonely world at the top, having expert and confidential support goes a long way to making bold and successful moves.

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